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What is PR?


The term “PR” (short for public relations) means telling a story that will reach your targets and influence them toward decision making. Whether or not they “buy” what you are “selling,” a good PR campaign will create a shift in mindset, increase mindshare, and get people talking about you. It is branding and “generating buzz. It is an important factor in you reach your sales forecasts.


Do I need PR?


Take our quick quiz to find out:


1. When someone, anyone, “Googles,” or “Bings” your company name, does your website, blog, or company information show up on the first page?


2. If I were to ask you to send me a  company fact sheet or an electronic press kit, could you say: “Certainly, it will be there in a few minutes!"?


3. Do you understand where you “fit in” to the market and do people (media, analysts, consumers, channel partners) look to you for advice and opinions?


4. Have your products been reviewed on key technology sites, has your company been featured in any trade publications, or has your company won any notable awards?


5. Are you included in publications your competitors are currently in?


6. Does your company have over a million Twitter followers?


*If you answered "NO" to at least 3 of these questions, you are definitely in need of PR.


Is SNPR right for you?


-If you are a startup company that is looking to officially launch, gain exposure, generate buzz, and attract investors then we are the firm for you.


-If you are an established company that is launching a groundbreaking product or service and need to reach media, analysts, and influencers then SNPR can definitely help you.


-If you are a brand or organization that sees the future and wants to be an active part of the billion dollar online economy, then let us be in charge of your digital marketing and public relations strategy.


How much does a PR campaign cost?


We work with our clients on a case-by-case basis.  Because we tailor our services around each of our clients brand's, we cannot possibly set strict prices.  However, we are accustomed to working with companies of all sizes performing as many or as few services as they need.  SNPR works with budgets of all sizes and will deliver the same consistent, effective effort no matter what the project's scale.


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