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  • Action Plan
    Action Plan Create an Action Plan, Media Venues, Business Messaging, Newsworthy Items, Event Opportunities, Awards Entries, Potential Partners, Content, & Timeline = Success at its Finest!
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  • Customer Care
    Customer Care Customers have many factors to consider when choosing a business to meet their needs. Quality customer service and public relations can help make the difference.
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  • Media Exposure
    Media Exposure In order to receive positive public relations impact for our clients, we target publications, journalists and Networks that cover each client's industry and area of business.
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  • Social Media
    Social Media Anyone can set up a Twitter or LinkedIn account, but you need a strategy to make it a success. If you treat social media as a key part of your PR and wider business strategy you can achieve real business results.
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About SNPR

"We are masters of connecting the dots....organizations with their audiences; staffs with their members; vendors with their shareholders…the media with you"  



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  • Why SNPR? With a strong personal network spanning across the country, Social Network PR specializes in locating the best placements for our clients through customized campaign creation
  • Expertise The professional socialites at The Social Network PR are all about achieving results...
  • Timing Knowing When to contact industry leaders is just as important as Who you are contacting

Face Art .... Mini Movie

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